The Nature Media network (NMN) is a Media company based on Kathmandu, Nepal. The Nature Media network team is well-versed in journalism, publication production management, social media management, translation and copy-writing. Past and current clients include both local and international businesses.

Our Work/Product
Nature media Network has launched Nature Khabar (Nature News) in an attempt to capture the Nepal’s rapidly changing scientific, environmental and economic scenario as also Nepal’s urgent efforts to embrace globalization. Nature Khabar is a one-stop digital site for information on Nepalese green sectors with science. The Portal, serving the green community of the world’s beautiful country and the region. It provides information on environment, climate change, agriculture, tourism, development and science along with jobs, events, the best research and wide taste of nature news from Nepal.
Through in-depth features and commentaries, leading members of the environmental community, scientists and journalists reflect on contemporary issues affecting Nepali environment. Following the growth, a group of professional journalists initiated this News Portal on February, 20, 2016. About a dozen journalists, with the experience in the nature reporting, have been working. Therefore, the news portal has been growing too fast compared to others. One of the major strength of this news portal is that it is operated by highly professional journalists with excellent educational background. Because of the strong academic foundation Nature Khabar has declared to follow all the principles and ethics of journalism along with social media.
We are running Nature TV and planning to lunch Nature Radio soon. The members of team Nature Khabar have wide range of experiences in Nepali journalism including television, radio newspaper and of course the online. Their experiences in audio, video print and new media have conversed Nature Khabar as a strong outlet of multimedia journalism.

Company Details

Name : Nature Media Network Private Limited
Company Status : Active
Registration No-
Company categories – Company limited by shares
Class of company : Private
Date of incorporation :
Activities : Documentaries production, Radio Program production, Digital news portal running and PR service providing

Our Company’s Purpose.
1. For Our Employees
To pursue material and spiritual happiness for every employee, for every employee is connected by bonds akin to family.
2. For Our Clients
To devote every day to working from the heart with sincerity and gratitude for our clients and their customers who place their trust in our company.
3. For Society
To contribute to society in a way that is both sustainable and positive through.
We believe that it is of utmost importance to do the right thing as a human, to be grateful and to manage our company with an altruistic heart.